Western Dressage Tests

ALL of the tests have been updated to show the correct email address and some minor changes made to some for clarity of the movements such as turns on the forehand and lead changes.

In alignment with Western Dressage Association® of America, Western Dressage is trained and shown in specific levels which build on each other to reflect the development of skills and abilities of both the horse and rider. The tests in shows are used as a measure of correctness of the horse’s and rider’s schooling. The collective marks are based on:


  • Gaits: the freedom and regularity of the horse’s movement

  • Impulsion: the horse’s desire to move forward, elasticity of steps, roundness

  • Submission: the horse’s attention and confidence, harmony with rider, lightness of movements, and acceptance of the bit

  • Rider’s position and seat: correctness and effect of the aids

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