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Western Dressage Association of Australia (WDA-AUS) is the national governing body responsible for setting national standards in all aspects of Western Dressage for Members, Branches, State Associations and Affiliates, thereby establishing unity in training and competing in this discipline.

WDA-AUS provides the foundation and structural framework supporting sport development and event organisation by the regional Branches, State Associations and Affiliates.

The membership year is from 1 July to 30 June each year.






Other incorporated organisations that wish to conduct Western Dressage events as part of their existing program may apply to become an Affiliate. An annual fee is paid to WDA-AUS and a formal agreement between WDA-AUS and the Affiliate is accepted. These Affiliates may conduct Western Dressage events as approved by WDA-AUS and subject to WDA-AUS Rules and Guidelines.

For further information and to discuss affiliate options please contact the WDA-AUS Secretary at 



Private Events

Insurance Program


All Australian Members will be covered by the national insurance program. This includes Public and Product Liability; Associations Liability and Voluntary Workers Personal Accident insurance. This excludes Personal Injury/Accident and Affiliate insurance.





Members from the past, including the 2022-23 year MUST follow the links in their automatic renewal notice emailed out from Nominate.

If you didn't receive a renewal notice, please contact the WDA-AUS office 


Don't create a new membership as it won't link to your licensed horse/s & will cause you problems in nominating.


ONLY NEW members should join via the following link:    CLICK HERE

Individual Membership


Individual Membership with WDA-AUS is all that required to participate in Western Dressage in Australia.    


Note: charge a processing fee for each transaction.

AMATEUR DIVISION - Annual Fee $30.00 (2024-25 year)

Life or Senior members may apply for an Amateur Permit provided that they meet the eligibility criteria, as outlined in Section 7 in the WDA-AUS Rulebook.  All members were sent advice on 8/1/2024 on how to upgrade their membership to include Amateur.  If you joined or renewed your membership after 8/1/2024 & you meet the eligibility criteria and you'd like to apply for an Amateur Permit, please contact 


Senior Members – Annual Fee $110.00 (2024-25 year)

  • Are over eighteen (18) years of age at the commencement of the Membership year

  • Are able to participate in all WDA-AUS competitions, events and activities and accrue competition points

  • Have the right to be present, speak and vote at General Meetings

  • Have the right to apply to serve as a Member of the National Board or State Association or Branch Committees

  • May apply to become a WDA-AUS approved Judge

For the purpose of this document, existing Life Members are included as and considered to be, Senior Members wherever there is any reference to Senior Members in this Rulebook.


Associate Members – Annual Fee $50.00 (2024-25 year)

  • Must be over the age of eighteen (18) years at the commencement of the membership year

  • May not take part in any ridden events

  • Have the right to be present and speak General Meetings, but do not have voting rights

  • Are not eligible to become a WDA-AUS approved Judge


Youth Members – Annual Fee $95.00 (2024-25 year)

  • Must be eighteen (18) years or less at the commencement of the Membership year

  • Are able to participate in all WDA-AUS competitions, events and activities and accrue competition points

  • Do not have the right to cast a vote at General Meetings

  • Are not able to serve as a Member of the National Board or State or Branch Committees except for a Committee to represent Youth Members

  • Are not able to apply to become a Judge


Event Only Membership – Fee per Event $15.00

  • Is required for participation in any events, activities and Non-sanctioned competitions where the individual is not a WDA-AUS Member or a Member of the host Affiliate organisation

  • Does not permit riders to be eligible for Sanctioned competitions and riders do not accrue competition points.




 Horse Competition License Registration


  • Horses must have a competition license to compete in sanctioned competitions.

  • Once only fee, stays with the horse for it’s entire life.

  • Rider does not have to be the owner of the horse.

  • Owner does not have to be a member of WDA-AUS.

  • Registered horses earn points in the National Lifetime Horse Recognition & Awards Program. 


  • The license is transferrable from owner to owner.

  • If the horse is sold or the responsibility of the horse is transferred to another person, the acquirer is to complete a Horse License Transfer Application, available on the WDA-AUS website.  The form is to be submitted to WDA-AUS via email at

  • There is no transfer fee applicable.

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