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  • 2024-2025 Memberships (Renewals & New) will open on June 1st.  Renewals will be sent out to members with a personal link.  All NEW memberships are to be done via the link on the membership page. 

  • Printed Rulebooks are now available for purchase.

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We warmly welcome our International Alliance Partner, the Western Dressage Association of America WDAA

Please check our SPONSOR page and support the sponsors that support us.


Whether you ride a pleasure horse, stock horse, reiner, cutter or indeed any breed of horse or equine, Western Dressage can provide an avenue of systematic training that is aimed to improve performance and harmony.



There are a growing number of competitions, training events, clinics and information days happening around the country. Check the Events & Affiliates pages for more information.


Western Dressage is a rapidly growing and exciting new discipline in Australia.

As the recognised national association for Australia our vision is to create excellence in education and consistency in competition across Australia.


Check our website regularly for more information as we update. 





The aim of Western Dressage is to further enhance the harmony and partnership between horse and rider and to develop a well-rounded and disciplined horse regardless of breed or type.

Western Dressage provides systematic and progressive training for the western horse and rider in western style tack and attire. It integrates the lightness of the western horse and classical dressage foundations to improve performance for the purpose of enjoying a safe and versatile horse.

The purpose of the Western Dressage Association of Australia is to:

  1. be the governing body of Western Dressage in Australia

  2. develop and promote Western Dressage as an equestrian discipline in Australia

  3. provide standards of governance, education, competition of Western Dressage in Australia

  4. preserve the integrity of the discipline and its execution

  5. create awareness and communicate to the wider equestrian community the principles of Western Dressage





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